Let travels bring your package


..Saving money on worldwide shipments while helping to preserve the environment.
..Being able to benefit from the empty space in your luggage, safely.
..Saving money on worldwide travels.
..Winning while helping others win.
..All of the above, on one platform.

This is Envoyer.

Our vision

Everyday people travel with half-empty luggage, and everyday people pay enormous fees for worldwide shipments, regardless of the size of the package.
Envoyers' vision is to eradicate this constant waste of space by facilitating the usage of it, in a safe way.

All the while benefiting everyone.

The platform

We are creating a platform that will connect travelers with people who want to send packages. With mobile-first design and simplicity in mind, we are confident to deliver an application everyone can use.

Envoyer will act as a facilitator of transactions, enabling a layer of validations to improve confidentiality, security and safety for all parties.


Minimizes the impact on the environment


Cheaper than the alternatives

Easy to Use

One-stop service for everything you need to send your package

The people behind Envoyer

Peter Yliniemi

Founder & Developer

Rasmus Dunder


Henry Bergström


Rada "May" Jutrakul

Project Manager

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